Xbox One digital content unavailable for days


Microsoft created Xbox One mainly to battle the piracy present with the Xbox 360 console. This move supposedly supported a better user experience and bigger investment in new features.

One of those features was the inclusion of digital content available online on your profile, but it seems like nothing is ever perfect.

Although the whole situation is still shady and there aren’t concrete proofs, users have complained how they couldn’t reach their digital content online using their Xbox One console profile.

The problem becomes even greater for Microsoft when you have in mind how this wasn’t the only issue they needed to handle over the past week and none of these problems weren’t easy to deal with.

Having your profile locked out of your digital content makes it hard for you to be a part of multiplayer online tournaments, which as a result filled social media and gaming forums with angry rants by gamers.

Another thing you couldn’t do is making a purchase online or even starting a single player game online. This means that if you bought the latest Far Cry Primal release you wouldn’t be able to try it out. Some players even experienced problems when trying to play a game on a physical disk.

Not being able to play your games offline is a total failure by the company that creates the console you’re using. This being said, Microsoft will have its hands filled with work in the upcoming period if they want to improve the satisfaction of their customers. Free game or two isn’t out of the question

Have you experienced problems with your Xbox One console over the past week or so? Feel free to share any info you have on the subject in the comment section or on our social media profiles.

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