WWE 2K16 establishes itself as the first pure simulation orientated wrestling title


Wrestling is just fun to watch, especially when we talk about two or more WWE wrestlers going at it. That’s why it was hard for game development companies to make a game that will be both interesting to play and touch that arcade border while at the same time managing to transfer real life movements and going closer to its simulation nature.

2K Sports have been known to invest a lot of time and money in their real life looking engine, which is applied for professional sport simulations like MLB 2K and NBA 2K, but it seemed like WWE was one of those titles that will always stay in the gray area between arcade and simulation.

Another thing 2K Sports is known for is their lack of focus towards original gameplay, which means that the movement of the players on the court may be out of this planet, but the actions they undertake are not a part of this reality.

Knowing this, WWE enjoyed the praise of developer professionals being “sincere” with its gameplay matching the arcade AI, with the development team behind the game trying to find silver linings in their success.

All of this came to an end earlier this week when 2K Sports released WWE 2K16, which at first sight looks like the first simulation orientated wrestling game ever made. There are no more crazy jumps and unreal punches from 6 feet apart. Now you can enjoy a realistic environment with high graphics that will also allow you to practice your realistic looking kicks and beat your opponents with skill.

The real feel of the game is at the very top, but lots of experts are arguing if this will hurt the fun base, as nobody is really looking to think a lot while playing WWE, which is not the case with this year’s release.

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