Why is Fargo the perfect fit for an intense detective game?


The history of the Fargo franchise dates back to 1996 movie created and directed by the Coen brothers, which featured names like William H. Macy and Steve Buscemi among other stars. Today we’re enjoying the second season of the Fargo TV show airing exclusively of FX, and we can’t keep but wondering why there isn’t a Fargo game in the works?

Set in the cold and windy Minnesota where people are polite 24/7 and you find out you can’t understand a word they’re saying, Fargo has become one of the top rated modern TV shows, receiving “universally acceptable” critics from all cinematography portals.

The premises in both seasons surrounds the life of local police in times of facing great crimes related to outside mobsters. Other element present throughout the series is the presence of the good guy turning bad, something on which Breaking Bad focused for six seasons.

The thing that makes Fargo unique is its dark sense of humor often touching aspects of our core existence and the universe. All of this said the series place a strong base towards creating a detective gaming title with touches of first person shooting.

Let’s be real here, how cool would it be if you could play Billy Bob Thornton as the psychotic always calm hitman whose only purpose given by the higher being is to spread evil wherever he lands. If you’re not satisfied with the role of an individual you can maybe control the Gerhardt crime syndicate in season 2 and try to cope with the local police searching for your youngest heir of the throne Rye for triple homicide while fending off the Kansas City mob corporation trying to take over your business.

We really hope Fargo will live to see more seasons than Game of Thrones and people in the gaming industry will recognize its potential as a story, anytime soon.

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