Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review


It seems Naughty Dog, the developer of Uncharted series can’t stop surprising us.

The new episode of Uncharted has been released on May, the 10th 2016. With incredible environment design and characters development Uncharted 4 gameplay has a thrilling and sensational effect while the fantastic storyline of this episode is filled with excellent surprises for its fans.

As an Uncharted fan, I waited for the release a while. After I’ve played The Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End I can say it was worth the waiting.

The moment you start playing, you are going to forget about the delayed release of Uncharted 4. I’m glad I can say this is not a case where after years of development of game projects are turned into a big disappointment.

Naughty dog successfully designed a game that’s going to get under your skin. You can play it in as an action style or a strategical style, and there’s also multiplayer included. The only thing that’s a Naughty Dog flaw is that Uncharted series are only developed for PS4. Acknowledgments that Uncharted 4 is amazing were also given by Sony competitions, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

With a storyline filled with twists and action followed up with tons of jumping and shooting and perfectly crafted environment you’re going find yourself in a position where you won’t be able to stop playing.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Story

Nathan Drake keeps his place as the main character in this episode of Uncharted. With Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog studio is showing us a new side of Nathan Drake. He is older and calmer.

The story starts reminding us that Nathan had a brother named Sam, who is presumed to be dead for years. After years of treasure hunting life, we see a settled version of Nathan. He has a nice and calm life with Elena and spends his time playing video games and watching movies.

His brother causes a twist in Nathans life. Sam,  the brother who’s thought to be dead, shows up on his doorstep. Sam asks his Nathan for help, and after a bit struggling Nathan finally agrees to help. He tells his wife Elena that he’s going to Malaysia for a job, and he starts the adventure.

That is the starting plot, and it is only the beginning.


When it comes to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end environment and texture quality, Naughty Dog did not spare any resources. They took care of all the details and aspects that a game like this deserves.

The texture rendering, antialiasing, audio, video, lighting every little thing is made perfectly.

Filled with handcrafted elements the environment is bringing the actual depth that a game like this requires. In every scene of the game, we are facing with a billion handcrafted details so that the players can interact and feel everything. The visual effects of Uncharted 4 are stunning. It’s almost like we experience the environment.

Such complex environment requires loading time. The complex environment is followed up with real time cut scenes. With the cut-scenes technology that Naughty Dog used, you won’t feel the transition between the gameplay and the cinematics.

When it comes to audio Naughty Dog maintain an excellent reputation. With Uncharted 4 they’ve managed to keep their reputation in full extent. Uncharted 4 comes with 7.1 surround with a billion sounds that are successfully producing a variety of realistic environments.

In Uncharted 4 the character voices have adaption based off the character location. Let’s not forget the audio mix of that is keeping us focused on the dynamical changes of the sound as we’re getting in and out of the action.

Naughty dog should be satisfied with the light shafting of the game. To achieve the perfect environment in Uncharted 4 used a technology where the light is delivered volumetrically. With the improved light technology of Uncharted 4 we see a rich environment that is close to the real experience. You will notice the perfection of the game lightning during the sunrises or when you’re going to use the flashlight.

Uncharted 4 Characters

The characters are developed with all the possible details, so we’re seeing one of the most realistic game characters ever made. Each character is developed with special movements, facial expressions, and emotions that are successfully describing their distinguished personality.

In the video content of the game, the characters are enriched with a special facial expression of the emotions they are feeling, small detail that leads to perfection. We can actually emphasize with the characters. We are seeing and feeling their emotion in full extent.

The only character flaw for me was, I was missing a great and memorable villain. Not that Nadine and Rafe are failures, but there’s something that’s missing.


With the positive aspects of the environment, the music, the light and the fabulous texture quality you will find yourself into thrilling gameplay filled with many twists and excitements.

In this episode of Uncharted, Naughty Dog decided to give us have less guided game. In the past games, we could feel that we are being guided, although Uncharted 4 have focused gaming experience we have a feeling that we are free to explore the environments.

The endless landscapes shadow the focused experience of Uncharted 4, and yet the game has the focus to guide us through a number of puzzles.

Compared to the previous episodes in Uncharted 4 we see a new and improved combat system. The shooting is a bit loose, but it is filled up with an interactive sense of fighting, many choices and sense of improvisation.

A new gameplay element of Uncharted 4 is the possibility of a gameplay style that’s strategic and silent. You are free to choose if you are going with Rambo style and kill the enemies that are on your way, or you are going to play stealthy and outsmart them. The upgraded AI system is the main reason for the gameplay enhancement.

The enemies have fast reactions and are doing the proper actions if they notice something strange they form groups and check the appropriate areas. With the new AI, the combat experience is enriched with a variety of tactical decisions.

Naughty Dog delivers us an excellent game with an efficient engine that is successfully producing results that exceed many titles. Although the release of the title was delayed, this game totally passed my expectations. For all those who are looking game that is perfect, you should definitely try it. With Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End there is a possibility that Naughty Dog studio delivered us the best game of this generation.


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