Ubisoft purchases The Crew developer Ivory and releases huge extension


The Crew is a racing simulation released at the beginning of 2015 by publisher Ubisoft and created by developer Ivory Tower, which marked their first game ever created. Although the game was hailed for its extensive virtual world, it also received some very serious criticism focused towards the “always online” style of it, but this didn’t stop fans to make 2 million purchases over the past 10 months.

This was also a great preparation for The Crew: Wild Run game extension, which is set to be released in November, but will be available in beta version from October 15 to October 19.

As a part of the beta version players will be given the chance to complete The Summit challenge, which is considered to be, as per Ubisoft, the biggest challenge of its type in the history of virtual racing. It represents a massive gathering of drivers using all types of different vehicles from motorcycles to monster trucks, happening in different parts of the US. Both the PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) modes will be available while participating in races or going through missions.

After this Ubisoft didn’t stop with the press releases announcing later the same day that they purchased developers Ivory Tower, with the goal of creating an even better sequel of the game next year. This didn’t came as a big surprise, especially if we consider how Ivory had only this game on their current schedule, and it’s actually their first ever title to see the light of the day.

For all players that have already purchased the game, the beta version as well as the official patch release coming at the 15th of November, will be free of charge. There are some plans for visual improvements to the game that will come at the beginning of 2016, but more about this when there are more information on the web.

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