Titanfall beta impressions


Although I don’t own an Xbox One myself, I was able to try out the beta for a few hours at a friend’s and I thought I’d share my initial thoughts on the game.

Okay, so this game was expected to be the ‘next big shooter’, but, after playing it, I really can’t say I was that impressed with the game. I think the overall concept of it being futuristic is quite exciting and is a change to a game like Call of Duty, however, after I was finally able to try out the abilities, I don’t really find them useful at all.

The tutorial allows the player to experience and try out the new features that this game offers, but sadly I felt the tutorial lasted way too long and got boring even when it became interesting. In the tutorial, you’re able to scale walls, use the Titan, try out the jetpack and basically every other feature that can be used in multiplayer. To start, the game looks promising as the abilities are thrilling and fun to use, especially when you’re able to use them in certain situations.

As you start to get better and progress into the beta, you start to realise that the jetpack and wall scaling are pointless and not needed, considering there are hardly any situations where you need to use them. It just looks like the jetpack is something which is fun to use and not really necessary if you’re going for kills.

Next, to the combat. Yes, this is expected to be near enough the same as the Call of Duty combat, as the game is developed by people who have worked on the Call of Duty series, and expectations weren’t wrong. The game’s combat is almost identical to Call of Duty, it almost feels like I’m playing CoD when I’m trying to kill someone. I felt the only difference, were the assassinations, but even those weren’t anything special; they just seemed to be boring to use after I had attempted one. I’m not slating the combat at all as I do enjoy playing the occasional game of Call of Duty, but it felt like there were no unique aspects when it came to combat. I just had bigger expectations and thought that the combat would be more exciting.

One thing I did really enjoy using, were the Titans. It’s an unbelievable experience to be able to take on another huge robot, using weapons which are not known to man. I was just glad that they didn’t make the Titans overpowered and it actually takes a lot of skill to use one. I, for one, wasn’t great when I was using a Titan, but it was still quite astonishing to be able to either jump on top of the enemies, or use your own. Another excellent feature was the ability to be able to change your Titan to be controlled by the computer; this would mean that you’re able to make it follow you or guard the current position if you feel you aren’t skilled enough to control it yourself.

The graphics were as people predicted; they’re reasonably good but extremely similar to Call of Duty. I certainly wasn’t shocked by them nor was I disappointed. I felt they’re good enough for the type of game, just nothing special.

Since it looks like the game will release without a single player/campaign, that is yet another reason why I most probably wouldn’t buy the game. It would be irritating if I wasn’t enjoying the multiplayer as there would be nothing else to play.

Overall, I felt the game wowed in parts and then disappointed in other places. Although I probably wouldn’t get the game, if I eventually did, I’d probably end up spending a few hours trying out the various unique features which I haven’t seen in any other shooter. If I was to rate this game, I’d probably have to give it around a 7/10 as I feel it’s good, but still lacks that ‘gripping element’ which would make me buy the game.

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