The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 Give No Shelter Review


Give No Shelter is the second episode of the TV show based game The Walking Dead: Michonne that blends in perfectly with the storyline of the first episode released earlier this year yet managed to deliver a little bit less powerful gaming experience compared to its predecessor.

After Telltale Games announced how they’ll be releasing a surprising horror game titled 7 Days to Die they’ve also decided to publish something new for one of their most famous gaming franchises right now.

Till now the development studio has managed to keep to their publishing schedule, with Michonne coming right on time, so we hope that momentum continues with the third Walking Dead episode.

One of the biggest upsets you’ll notice after updating your Walking Dead game before you install the latest episode is that your save file from the premium episode will disappear. This is something that players using PC to play the game experienced pretty often, so it also represents one of the first problems Telltale will need to address.

After you deal with this little bump on the road and start playing the second Walking Dead episode, you’ll quickly notice that the story continues exactly where you left it when finishing episode number one.

You won’t have a spare second to think about how good the design of the game is because you’ll need to fight in couple of pretty violent segments right away. This will also be a good opportunity to enjoy the unique gameplay that tries to bring you in a situation of deep hallucination where you’ll learn tons of stuff about your character.

Give No Shelter, the alternate name of the episode, will also bring you in a situation where you’ll need to dig deep in order to gather more information about the character you control and for the first time in the series you’ll be able to talk to someone from your past.

The biggest fear with this Walking Dead release looking at it from a distance is the fact that some of the moves you make while playing will not affect the overall plot of the game at all. This is kinda lame because you try so hard to achieve something in the game and you basically know that it is possible how this will be the least important thing you’ve done in your gaming career.

It’s not like you’re making choices all the time, after all you’re too busy running through hordes of zombies, but even the decisions you need to make can be unimportant at the end.Good example of this is the dilemma of killing a prisoner or keeping him alive. Although you can use the prisoner as a worthy bargaining chip in the communication with your enemies, the sad reality is that nobody will stop attacking you at any time of the game, so the decision automatically becomes obsolete.

Putting aside the fact you don’t receive enough respect from Telltale as a passionate gamer should, they’ve still managed to create a pretty appealing game in terms of design. The game has style and it incorporates all the suggestions from the active community around the web.

The second episode brings a more realistic approach to the mechanics of the in-game characters as well as a brand new set of facial expressions and timely reactions. There are still some minor issues like the couple of occasions in the game when guns don’t get rendered or character’s heads holding some strange posture.

The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 2 CombatTill now, Telltale has managed to create a universe that’s pretty close to the one depicted in the Walking Dead TV show, but it seems like they’ve abandoned the idea in this latest release.

One spark is apparently enough to burn a whole forest and create a explosion that will be heard for miles in Give No Shelter. This is not how things work in The Walking Dead universe usually.

Don’t know how big fan of the franchise you are, but you’ll know how irritating stuff like this can be for blue blood fans of the series. Besides the fact things can blow up at any moment without any notice and how everything can feel little bit exaggerated, you’ll also find it interesting to see how one of the characters that you need to defeat avoids death multiple times (for the sake of leaving out spoilers we’ll not name this rascal).

Even after you manage to make a successful kill, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved nothing as this should’ve happened hours ago when you did it for the first time and one must admit how the buildup to this moment is also poorly created and predictable.

To cover up for these story telling blunders, Telltale has decided to improve the action side of the game and they’ve probably done a good job because you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy multiple quick action moments with Michonne and experience in first hand how good is she with that samurai sword.

Some of the scenes you’ll experience with Michonne in this second episode will be the most horrific scenes ever created by Telltale. Being a huge fan of the franchise, being able to see Michonne at her best is enough of a reason to keep playing this Walking Dead release.

If the development team behind the title manages to keep the same mechanics and gameplay until the last episode of the game, that will come out later this year, we’ll be in for a treat.

Till then you can check out the second episode and keep an eye on the latest news about the franchise here at Game Geeks, we promise we’ll try to publish honest info and reviews about this and every other game that comes out.

Give No Shelter, the second episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne series is already available for all players using PC, Mac, the two Xbox platforms and the two Play Station platforms as well.

Have you tried the game yet? What are some of your best moments playing with Michonne and going through the endless hordes of zombies using her fighting skills to beat The Walking Dead?

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