The Sims 4 given 18+ rating in Russia because you can be involved in same-sex relationships


A bit more of a weird news story than normal, but something which will effect those in Russia.

If you’re below 18 in Russia and somehow get hold of The Sims 4, you’re committing a criminal offence according to their law. The reason for this is that The Sims 4 includes same-sex relationships and that’s deemed illegal unless you’re older than 18.

A fan of the game asked the official Russian Twitter account why it was given an 18+ rating in Russia and they said it was just complying with law number 436-FZ, “On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development.”

The Sims 4 is expected to be released this fall. More information on the game will be posted as soon as we hear about it.

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  1. Let’s hope those who are younger than 18 don’t manage to get this game..we wouldn’t want them to get into any kind of trouble. But tbh, there’s probably at least a few minors who have already got it. Be careful! xD

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