Check Out The Princess Bride Mobile Game


The Princess Bride is considered as a comic relief classic among book and movie lovers. That’s probably why Gameblend Studios decided to take advantage of its popularity and create a brand new mobile game with the same story line. The game recreates only sequences and popular scenes from the legendary movie, but it will still manage to send you back in time.

The Princess Bride mobile version is consisted out of four different episodes that each represent a game for itself in a way. The list includes Shrieking Eels, Cliffs of Insanity, Inigo and Fezzik. To go through all of these levels you will need to climb, sword fight and wrestle a giant.

The graphics are remarkable, which is one of the main reasons why we expect to see some cool updates to the game in the near future. The price of the game is set at $3.99 and is currently available on iTunes. Although the price is not so scary, you may be surprised by the price of the Miracle Pills after you start playing the game.

The Princess Bride has a huge fan following and this mobile game could only be the start of a franchise. It would be interesting to see a version of the game developed for major consoles like Nintendo and PS4.

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