The New Trailer For Radical Will Make You Wanna Play The Game In A Heartbeat


Mikey Shorts have announced the release date of their newest title Radical that is the successor of their popular titles Mikey Shorts, Mikey Boots and Mikey Hooks. It’s probably Radical because it doesn’t contain the word Mikey in its title.

The game itself is a spin-off of this developers duo to the extra popular Flappy Bird game. In order to learn something more about the game you can check out the trailer right here.

The basic idea of the game is to drive using a little triangle and avoid obstacles on your way. You will be faced with mostly similar obstacles like walls and passages, but as you progress the difficulty level will increase.

As the speed increases your visibility will decrease. The game will not stop zooming the screen with the goal of not allowing you to see the obstacles in front of you. Sounds pretty hard doesn’t it? Well try passing a couple of levels and seeing only the little triangle that you operate. Passing the next obstacle? Next to impossible.

The game itself reminiscences of Falldown, game released centuries ago for TI-83. Remember those gadgets? Well add a catchy music to that experience, better graphics (but not that much) and you get Radical

The game will be released this week on the 12th and people that keep an eye on it hope it will be one of the most popular mobile titles of its type this year. Are we on the verge of getting the new Angry Birds?


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