The Game Boy turns 25 years old


It’s not often we talk about the older generation of portables and consoles, but today, the Game Boy has turned 25 years old!

With the 25 years old milestone, the Game Boy has also sold over 118 million units to date, however it’s not likely this will rise any higher due to the new generation making its way into the market.

As many remember, the original Game Boy came bundled with Tetris, not exactly exciting now we think, but back then, people were hyped to play the portable and game.

The Game Boy Advance came next, making its release into the market in 2001 and that went on to sell over 81 million units.

I’m going to be honest, I myself still do have my Game Boy Advance, although I don’t play it, I always come back to it for memories. Do you still have the Game Boy?

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  1. Wow, it sure has been a while. Now I feel old, haha. xD

    I remember playing this classic console, good times! Too bad I still don’t have it though, I’d love to have a go on it once more! =3

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