The future of Call of Duty?


Call of Duty. A well known first person shooter which is renown for its fast paced gamemodes and unique element, but what does the future hold for the franchise? is it going forward or downhill?

As we all know, Call of Duty is one of the best selling shooters ever since it was first released on the PS2! and many applauded it for its unique and entertaining qualities, but is it just running out of ideas?

Over the last few years, lets say since Black Ops, the game has in my eyes lost its touch. Its features which I used to enjoy are just being used over and over making the game boring and not fun to play. Even though its hard to come up with new ideas when they are releasing titles each year, they seem to be only slightly changing the game and releasing in some ways, the same game each year which has annoyed fans buying the game each time it is released and finding out its a very similar game with hardly any new additions.

Each year it seems the games only new additions are new weapons, maps and improved dynamics/mechanics of the game which obviously make it better but there are no clear new features which give fans that excitement which they had years ago. It still is a top quality game in many ways but with the problems suggested above, it will be hard for the game to carry on doing so well.

With this being said, the franchise still seems to doing excellent with Ghosts topping the best selling charts quite a few times and almost making as much as GTA in 24 hours, this shows it clearly is heading in the right direction sales wise but the Excitement of the game seems to dramatically dropping, and if it doesn’t change soon it may soon affect the games sales.


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Two comments

  1. I think its going downhill, they took one of the best game modes out in CoD: Ghosts – Search and Destroy – That’s really the only game mode I play cause Im really good at it; Its cool to have a new game mode though – they should have kept SnD in though :/

  2. I have to agree with Jordan here, COD series were so entertaining and so much more enjoyable around COD 3, 4, and 5 in my opinion. After that, they publicity did increase, but mine didn’t. I really miss the old COD, now COD is just any ordinary FPS game, but before, it was so much fun with the player fighting back against the Japanese. COD 4 was also very popular because it was the first “modern” day fighting game with the US Military 🙂

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