Telltale Announces A Horrifying New Game Called 7 Days To Die


Telltale Games is the developing studio responsible for The Walking Dead and it seems like they didn’t have enough horror shows on their hands, so they’ve decided to create brand new game called 7 Days to Die.

The title doesn’t have an official release date set, but it will surely come before the summer of 2016. Telltale have collaborated with The Fun Pimps in order to create a new universe filled with zombies.

Some of the other projects Telltale is working on at the moment include a 3rd season for their Walking Dead franchise, couple of new episodes for Minecraft, Game of Thrones brand new season, as well as a possible Batman adaptation. So yeah, it’s safe to assume how the developing team had one of the busiest years in their careers.

The world that surrounds 7 Days to Die is filled with zombies living in a post-apocalyptic America. Everybody thought at first how this is one of the many unannounced IP products the company surprisingly releases every now and then, but the fact they’ve teamed up with a second developer automatically excludes the game from this group.

7 Days to Die will be similar to other open world games in terms of in-game mechanics used, but it will also give a certain level of autonomy when it comes to gameplay and overall experience.

Still, don’t get surprised if the game reminisces of one of the Walking Dead titles.

It seems like nothing was known about 7 Days to Die before Telltale released the official trailer, but some Walking Dead fans found a pre-alfa version of the game dating back to August of 2014.

This game was the initial concept, but it seems like there’s huge difference between the two titles. The pre-launch version was made available for computer users only while the official release will be targeted towards PS4 and Xbox One players.


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