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Review: Contagion

Contagion is an up-and-coming zombie shooter made by Monochrome LLC. While you’re probably thinking, “Yet ANOTHER zombie shooter?”, Contagion brings out unique features most other zombie games don’t include. This zombie shooter brings PvP and aggressive zombies, combing them together to create something rather exciting to play. You’ve probably never heard of Contagion, so I…

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Ubisoft discounts 84 games on Steam

In a four-day promotion on Steam, Ubisoft have discounted 84 games, with some even discounted by up to 75 per cent. The promotion will run from Thursday February 20 until Monday February 24, and new deals will be added daily. Discounts include; Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for £7.79 ($10) Prince of Persia £6.50 ($6.50) Rayman…

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