Steam Machine Release Date Set


Valve has officially announced when will their Steam Machine pre-order packages become available.

There were plenty of Steam Machines announced earlier this year by Steam, but only a handful of them will be available for pre-order and they will come in a bundle together with the Steam Controller, which is one futuristic controller.

If you choose to pre-order any of the available machines, you’ll also be able to purchase additional hardware elements couple of weeks before the others can.

Gamers residing in North American territories will be able to pre-order the following machines: Alienware Steam Machine, Steam Controller bundle or even the Steam Link package. You’ll be able to purchase these items directly at Steam or from GameStop.

You can make the order today and get your product on October 16th, almost one month earlier than the official release. The Alienware machine will not be available for pre-order for all EU and Canada residents.

One of the more interesting Steam Machine packages, CyberPower’s model, will be available for all territories and it can be purchased directly from its website.

It looks like the new Steam Machine models will be more powerful than its predecessors, but one of the main reasons shy players will love to own one of them is the new and improved Steam controller.

Valve will release more information about the rest of the machine models today at CES, where they will also let users know how much will the latest releases be worth. The projected price is set in the range of between $750 and $1000 for almost all models.

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