SEGA Unblushing Games That Don’t Meet Quality Criteria


SEGA is trying to step up in the mobile games industry and their first step to do that is to make a quality control of their product line. The gaming giant has announced that there are some early plans to pull some mobile games out of the market due to lack of quality.

It is still not clear what part of their mobile assortment will be pulled out of the market or what titles are in question in more particular, but it is clear that SEGA will make this move soon enough.

Industry experts expect that the company is working on a whole new line of titles as well as remakes of original mobile games and that they will make a huge release after the summer.

The official blog of the company announced that they’re always committed towards bringing fun yet top quality games and this is why they’ll be pulling out some of their less quality titles.

The biggest issue targeted here is the variety of platforms that customers use to play SEGA’s games. The playing experience must be the same for all players no matter the model of their smartphone.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why SEGA will pull out the intended games from all mobile markets including iOS App Store, Amazon App Store, Google Play Store and Samsung App Store.

The community surrounding SEGA and their mobile game titles suspects that the company is making this move after Nintendo’s press release where they stated how they’ll be focusing on the quality of their upcoming titles.


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