See What Destiny’s April Update Brings To The Table


Bungie has released all the possible details they could about their latest Destiny update, which will be officially published on April 12th.

According to game fans this is the biggest update to the game since The Taken King one because of the increased number of Light level caps and the amount of new PvE content that they will be able to enjoy.

Here are some of the thing you can expect from the new Destiny update

Crucible Rewards Getting Increased

Since The Taken King was launched fans experienced a lack of loot drops after they finish a matchup that’s taking place in the Crucible. Bungie decided to increase the drop rate when players use the Legendary loot and complete a match in the Crucible.

One of the most important things connected with rewards and this latest update is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy greater amounts of Light items as a part of the weekly Shaxx competition.

Revives Become Harder

Another PvP improvement is the way you will play Revives. If you thought they were an easy way to collect some experience till now, things will change with the new Destiny update.

Revives will be harder and you’ll need more time to complete them. This will also affect the so-called sprinting revives, which marks the in-game situation where players are able to sprint past their opponent thanks to their special revive armor and collect the reward before them.

Ammo Specialization

The spawn timer for Special Ammo will double, meaning that players will be able to use it only after 3 minutes of the match have passed. You will need to appreciate all the Heavy Ammo you have in your arsenal as it will be made available only once per match and after the five minute mark passes.

Destiny Sniper

The Destiny update will be available on April 12th.


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