See the future of Detroit in Quantic Dream’s new AI based title


Detroit is one of the poorest metropolis cities in the US at the moment, with its famous Motor City days long gone. Today it’s sort of a ghost town that hosts couple of professional sport franchises, but there’s less and less people staying in the city to watch them. Sounds like a perfect scenario for a post apocalyptic warfare game, which was probably what the team at Quantic Dream thought as well.

Detroit: Become Human is a story about an android named Kara and her struggle to cope with her unique “feature”, artificial consciousness, making her a unique specimen among her kind. The scientists behind the project, described in the game, didn’t have in mind that this new ability will make the android more capable of escaping their laboratory.

Quantic Dream has already created a game called Heavy Rain where the main protagonists exist dependent from each other and connected in more than a single occasion. The characters were so good, GamesRadar voted the Origami’s Killer as one of the top villains of 2013.

Now, imagine an even better scenario focused around a single inhuman character, trying to get used to the life of a single conscious android in a world, set in the near future in Detroit, where other of his kind are treated more like unconscious tools used to ease the everyday life of humans rather than beings with their own rights and needs.

The funny thing is this is not the first time a developer has tried to create a whole world surrounding an artificial intelligence being in Detroit, after Eidos Montreal did that, pretty successfully, with their Deus Ex: Human Revolution release back in 2011.

Although the plot is completely different, it will be hard for Quantic Dream to match the success of Deus Ex, game that received high ratings and positive critical reviews from almost every single gaming site on the web, making it a cult game with huge following in the niche.

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