Rockstar Games Prepares Two New GTA Mobile Releases?


It has been a little bit boring following the app world recently. There were almost none legendary titles produced. Well that’s about to change. It is pretty possible that Rockstar Games release two new GTA episodes for all mobile platforms in the upcoming month of March.

After the success that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2013), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2012), Grand Theft Auto III (2011), GTA:VC. Chinatown Wars (2010) had over the past four years, it is time to get a new GTA release. There are various factors why this can happen.

It’s true that thanks to the Metal system available on iOS 8 mobile games are tending towards becoming high tech ports of their video game counterparts, but it still feels like a top quality GTA IV mobile port is far from reality.

Instead we can focus on GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Liberty City Stories, which are both a part of the same storyline that’s already running on other titles on iOS. That’s why it is very probable to see one of these games see the daylight anytime now.

All of this is highly speculative and based on pure statistical data from the past, more precisely on the average time period between GTA releases. We hope that we will get a new GTA mobile release in the next two months. Don’t forget that Rockstar is almost always releasing their new mobile titles around the holiday season in order to achieve better promotion and offer some discounts.

If all of these presumptions are correct we can expect Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories somewhere around the end of March. Eli Hodapp has really nice analasys on this matter over at TouchArcade.


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