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Contagion is an up-and-coming zombie shooter made by Monochrome LLC. While you’re probably thinking, “Yet ANOTHER zombie shooter?”, Contagion brings out unique features most other zombie games don’t include. This zombie shooter brings PvP and aggressive zombies, combing them together to create something rather exciting to play.

You’ve probably never heard of Contagion, so I want to point out the reasons why you should play and reasons on why not.

Let’s us start with the graphics. Most will think the graphics of game new to the market will be poor, but it’s completely the opposite and in some ways, the graphics are better than DayZ and Infestation; two games which have been out for years. I wouldn’t say it’s as detailed, but the zombies, guns and general display of houses is reasonably pleasing to the eye. It’s clear other things haven’t been worked on as much such as fire, small objects and most aspects to do with the weather. You’re probably not going to notice these as much as you would with weapons, but as a reviewer, I was generally not pleased with how they had designed certain things around the map. I’m not going to criticize them too much when it comes to graphics as they’re excellent for a game which is new, but obviously I can still see some improvements having to be made to possibly make it better on the eye.


Whereas DayZ, Infestation and 7 Days to Die are all focused mainly on survival, Contagion is quite different in terms of how it’s setup. The game includes 3 tense, exciting and somewhat unique game modes to play around with.

Hunted – While focused mostly on PvP, zombies can become a pain as they usually give away your position and can make you become infected if you’re hit. The main objective is to basically eliminate every player. Obviously you can’t do it without any weapons so another challenge arises. You must scavenge for weapons and tools to help you win and fight off the undead, weapons being guns and melee and tools being barricading guns to help you stay alive longer.

Extraction – As the name says, you must extract fellow survivors to certain locations where they will be safe. Sounds easy, ey? Well, that’s not it. In order to get these survivors to a location, they need to be found and as soon as you’ve found them, you must defend them from zombies and secure the location you find them in until they deem it’s safe. To make it harder, the developers have given the survivors less health than players so a few hits and the survivor will be killed. If all survivors are eliminated, the game ends and you’ve lost.

Escape – Possibly my favourite mode, escape requires keen and intelligent players to be involved. You must follow a list of objectives, activate buttons to unlock doors and look for keys located in secret locations. Get lost and you lose your other teammates, it’s likely you won’t last long unless you’re confident with the route. If players are able to find their way around the map and escape to get to the chopper, they will live, those who don’t, will die.

Yes, it may not seem a lot, but I can honestly say you’ll be having a ball when you start to learn the controls and become a much stronger player. As well as the game modes, there are quite a few maps to try out for each mode. Each map includes new and harder objectives and new weapons to scavenge for. For each mode, players can become player zombies if they end up becoming infected and they’re much harder to kill than your normal zombies, with increased speed and strength and it’s also quite exciting to play as a player zombie, trying to infect the other players. There are not enough maps at the moment in my opinion, but the developers listen and will add some over time so if you do get bored, it’s not likely you’ll have to wait long until new maps arrive, and possibly new modes.



You’re probably wanting to know about the selection of weapons, tools and melee objects. Right now, there aren’t enough. After hours of playing, I found a few good guns and on the odd occasion, I was able to find a sniper. I’m not sure on the exact amount of guns, but I know there aren’t enough if you’re going to spend countless hours on the game and this is a pattern which runs throughout the game. Not enough of each – maps, guns, modes and most other things in the game. Let’s move onto melee weapons and OH, this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about. As soon as you use a melee weapon on a zombie for the first time, you’ll realize how useless they are. Sometimes it can take 4 – 5 hits to kill a zombie and by then you’ve probably already become one of them. How does an axe not kill a zombie in one when you hit it in the head? It’s just ridiculous and I find there’s no point in having them in the game if they’re just going to as useless as they are.

Although it does have limited maps and modes, there are quite a few unique characters which can be selected, but there isn’t much change to each character. Okay, a woman has a different voice to a man, but it’s not like you’ll be stronger if you choose a certain character. I guess it’s something good to have within the game, however, I don’t see this being a huge positive as there are very little changes to each character you’ll actually notice when in-game.

It’s likely you’ll be finding a lot of zombies climbing up walls and randomly climbing stairs, but the zombies are generally well designed. They act as proper zombies with the sound and movement. They’re very slow and I mean slow. You’ll find it easy to run past them, but it’s not recommended. Zombies are quite intelligent in how they attack. Normally you’ll see zombies attacking from just bashing the door down in other games, but that’s different in Contagion and zombies sometimes attack from rooftops and will smash windows if they can get up to it. Trust me, zombies will be coming from every direction and I’d advise guarding windows as well.They have been well designed and developed in my opinion and you’ll have a lot of fun fighting off the undead, and maybe even annoyed when they end up infecting you.

You’re probably thinking bugs and thinking a new game like this will contain a lot and you’ll be hugely surprised, I bet. Contagion is not a entirely buggy game and you won’t encounter many bugs throughout your journey. As said above, it’s not odd to find a zombie climbing up a ladder for some random reason, but that’s pretty much all the bugs I have witnessed. I have seen other little bugs such as zombies walking without legs and general bugs which aren’t major, so when it comes to bugs, I wouldn’t worry and you shouldn’t have many problems with Contagion.

In Contagion, when you’ve completed a mode or a certain map, that’s it. There is no leveling system and that’s where it becomes repetitive. After a few hours you have probably played every mode and most maps and after that, it becomes almost uninteresting. You’re basically playing to have fun, there isn’t any experience system to level up and as said, it isn’t fun when you have played countless hours already and completed each mode at least once. Okay, maybe you can try other strategies, but this game isn’t one you’ll be playing for hundreds of hours like you would with others. It has no storyline, no leveling system and there is no sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed each mode. That might be just me, but being bored after around 30 hours doesn’t happen often for me. Contagion is one of the best zombie games I have played but it just isn’t finished yet and needs more, whether it be more maps or modes.



Although I was generally happy with Contagion and had hours of fun on it, it became boring and slightly repetitive quick. For the money, it’s totally worth it and I know it won’t be long until the developers are adding new features. If you’re seeking something which is long-term and you plan to play it for hundreds of hours, Contagion isn’t at a stage where you’ll get hooked, but think about its age and do look at how new it is. For those looking for something new and interested in zombie shooters, Contagion is your ideal game and with practice, it can become a amazingly fun game, especially with friends.

If you’re interested in purchasing the game, you can find it on Steam by clicking here

Rating: 6.8/10

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