Red Dead Redemption – A Potential Remastered Screenshot


Since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games has been under the radar. Without any kind official information, the fans are wondering what the studio has been up to since GTA V.

A couple of weeks ago, a Reddit user named WColt aroused the fans with rumors, calming a release of Red Dead Redemption Remastered.

WColt released what many are calling a screenshot from the remastered version of Red Dead Redemption. The Reddit user was poking around ex-Rockstar employ website and found an interesting screenshot inside a password protected folder. Not knowing the password WColt grabbed the visible image URL and opened it with a browser. Noticing the higher quality and resolution the user realized the image is not from the original game.

Shortly after, the findings of WColt were confirmed by other users. They noticed the slight, but important differences between the image and the original game as well. Some of the users believe the screenshot is from a version of Read Dead Redemption running on the engine seen in Grand Theft Auto V.

red dead redemption

By pointing out a chromatic aberration effect can be seen around the poles and the other objects in the image, effects which were missing in the original Red Dead Redemption, another Reddit user backed up the claiming about the engine

While we are excited to see a remaster version of Read Dead Redemption, it’s important to stay objective and keep in mind the rumors are backed up only by an image with an increased quality.

Matt Cline blog is containing another screenshot as well. Screenshot with a gun fight in Tesoro Azul with increased image quality is suggesting the images may be nothing more than a modified content from the original game.

However, Take-Two announced the company will have a major presence in the upcoming E3 this year, revealing titles scheduled for a release in 2016. The E3 announcements, followed up by an enormous level of enthusiasm coming from Rockstar team, leads us to a possibility where one of the titles could be Red Dead Redemption remastered and a proper sequel.

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