Prison Architect gives you the opportunity to control your own virtual prison


True gamers give the utmost respect every time an out of the world strategy game is released and this isn’t something that happens on a regular basis. That’s why Prison Architect was welcomed by the gaming community with huge enthusiasm. This seemed to be justified after the first couple of reviews hit the net.

It seems that you need to possess extreme amount of patience and make tough decisions from day to day, if you don’t want your prisoners to start a riot on you. You may decide to focus on building recreational park and adding TVs and sofas to the prison, but you should know that this will make you look soft in the eyes of your prisoners and give them the freedom to plan a riot and burn your prison to the ground.

The game is developed by UK developing company Introversion Software, mostly known for their previous titles Uplink and DEFCON. After a successful crowdfunding campaign Introversion made Prison Architect available for pre-ordering back in 2012. So, it was three years of waiting to see the end product, but it was worth it at the end.

Updates are scheduled for every couple of weeks, so you may expect new challenges and in-game scenarios to follow. Don’t expect a huge level of realism while playing Prison Architect, as the graphics are pretty basic, but rest assured that this is one of the most detailed micro simulators you’ll ever lay your hands on.

It’s still unknown why people just love simulations, just look at the success the Football Manager franchise is having, but it seems that companies are understanding how big is this need and we can see cool strategies get published every now and then. The mobile version of the game will be released later this month, but don’t expect to see it on iTunes because Apple is leading a war against “serious” games.

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