Pokemon Bank releases in Japan… and then Un-Releases


One of the biggest announcements that came in with the newest Pokemon games was the Pokemon Bank. A system by Nintendo that would allow players to transfer Pokemon between games, such as Pokemon from Pokemon Black to Pokemon X and vice versa. However, despite yesterday’s release in Japan, the system was quickly recalled from the servers after many systems started having server issues yesterday.

With plenty of people around the world opening up their newest presents, Nintendo released the ability for people to share information between their Nintendo IDs between their 3DS and their Wii U.

Having released this system around a week ago, Nintendo made their systems very accessible, but it also created a strain on the server. A strain that Pokemon Bank only added too.

Because of the amount of traffic arriving at the servers on the holidays, Nintendo’s servers were unable to handle the strain which caused some issues for a lot of their users.

Nintendo weren’t the only ones to have their servers under strain though, as Valve’s Steam platform experienced issues with a one-day opportunity for their users to pick up Left 4 Dead 2. The platform died for a few hours, as their engineers worked tirelessly to fix the issue. Playstation 4 also had server issues, with many new consoles downloading the new day one update on Christmas morning. Xbox One users also felt a few server issues as well.

Steam increased the time on their Flash Sales to make up for these issues.

There were also other issues with the Pokemon Bank, as, while it was announced that illegal Pokemon would be barred from the system, some illegal Pokemon made their way in. Pokemon Bank is set for release world wide on December 27, but there has been no news as to whether or not this date will be pushed back.

Were you affected by any of these issues? Did you manage to grab your copy of the Left 4 Dead 2 from Steam? Are you waiting for Pokemon Bank to be released over here? Are you one of the people making use of the Nintendo ID release? Let us know in the comments below.


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