Pictures Leaked For The New Xbox One Controller


Only a day after the news about the new Xbox One controller hit the market, one of the retailers that will have this cool new gadget in its stores decided to publish some of the pictures they’ve already received.

The Covert Forces Xbox One controller comes together with a headphone port, which is only one of the many cool features this piece of hardware brings to the market.

In its official statement Xbox has stated that the controller will be available for purchase starting from June 8, so a more detailed description of the product is expected any day now.

One of the facts that Libro, the retailer that published the picture of the controller, managed to uncover is the lack of a straight-from-the-box USB charging option, which was one of the things fans were eager to use.

This may not be as bad as suspected because Microsoft announced earlier this year how the company will create an adapter, which would allow gamers to charge the controller directly from the console and will be compatible with your PC.

The official release of the new Xbox One Covert Forces controller will happen at the E3 summit and it is supposedly the most important breakthrough in the console hardware niche.

Although the controller looks different in shape compared to its predecessor, the changes were made only in the design department leaving the shape of the controller itself intact.

There were many other user-generated changes, which should’ve been a part of the brand new controller, but it seems like Xbox fans all over the globe will need to wait for this huge list of improvements.



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