PayPal betting sites in Brazil-All you need to know


As it stands, betting activities in Brazil are unregulated. Hence, most bettors or punters in the country look towards foreign or international betting sites to bet and earn cash rewards. Although, betting activities are still a common practice in Brazil, players are on the lookout for more convenient ways to make deposits. For PayPal betting sites in Brazil, this is one of the best.

There are various PayPal betting sites out there that allow punters or players to make deposits while using PayPal including other alternative payment methods.

Hence, if you are in Brazil or a Brazilian and you hope to place bets but don't know if or which betting sites accept PayPal, this post is certainly meant for you:

Though aside from sports betting which is legalized in Brazil, other games betting like casinos are not legalized in the country.

However, some foreign or international betting sites allow Brazilians to wager on their website to earn cash rewards.

According to various comments from different punters in Brazil concerning international betting sites, many of them agreed that some top betting sites allow punters to make a deposit using their PayPal account. Some of these betting sites include:

  • Sportingbet
  • 888 Sportsbook
  • Betway
  • Dafabet
  • BWIN
  • BetOnline.


Sportingbet is an international betting site that allows Brazilians and some foreign players to place bets. Originally from the United Kingdom, Sportingbet is available across many countries in Europe.

It is also available in various languages like English, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, thereby catering to Latin Americans like Brazilians. Hence, a bettor from Brazil can make a PayPal payment here.

888 Sportsbook

Considered to be one of the topmost extensive online gambling firms on the internet. 888 Sportsbook is famous for having mutual connections with the 888Sport, 888Poker, and 888Bingo all of which are significant in the betting industry, having different licenses to operate in many countries across the world.

888 Sportsbook allows several methods of making deposits, including Paypal for the punters from places like Brazil and some other South American countries.


This is one of the topmost betting sites across the globe. Betway has its roots in the United Kingdom and Europe at large including places like Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal, etc., where they have full license to operate.

Betway is also licensed in Canada and supports different languages. Varying methods of payments are well supported on this platform including PayPal, Credit card, Debit card, Bank transfer, etc.


This is another top multipurpose gambling website that has networks across Europe and Asia. Dafabet has a license to operates across many countries around the world. While it does not operate in Brazil due to legality issues, it supports foreign players to bet without any form of issues.

Dafabet also supports various methods of payments including the Pay Pal, and it is open to Brazilians to operate.


BWIN is one of the famous betting sites in the world. Known to be sponsors of top clubs in sports including the likes of Real Madrid in Spain and AC Milan in Italy. BWIN supports various players across the world.

Not only that, but they also allow punters to make deposits on their site using different secured payment methods. One of these payment method is PayPal. And Brazilians are one of the foreign players allow to play.


BetOnline offers both sporting and gambling activities options for punters to bet. Though it has its main roots in the United States, BetOnline is available for foreign players and supports various payment methods including PayPal amongst others. Hence, international bettors like Brazilians can easily place their bets after making deposits.

Though at the moment, there is no PayPal betting sites in Brasil, however, there are some foreign or international betting sites that allow punters including Brazilians to make deposits while using PayPal which are seamless and easier.

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