Overwatch Review


After the disappointment caused by the Blizzard’s cancellation of project Titan, the expectations for their upcoming project, Overwatch, were kept on a low level.

Even though, we’ve had low expectations, the small cooperative first person shooter successful cheered up its players.

With new untraditional style, Overwatch brought a gameplay like the ones of Quake and Unreal Tournament but also kept the Blizzard’s superhero-role gameplay.  By combining FPS and RPG, Blizzard created a game with a potential of becoming one of the most addictive online multiplayer games.

The game is lacking solo campaign, but the even without it, the players simply fell in love with the game.

Unlike Its Predecessors, Overwatch Is A Retail Game

Unlike the previous pay-for-content concept, Blizzard decided to sell the game and give the content and the heroes for free.

So, unlike the previous titles, HOTS and Heartstone, after buying the game, all characters are unlocked. The fans won’t be pressured into buying their favorite heroes to be able to play them.

For the upcoming game content, Blizzard ensured its players, all the upcoming heroes and new the maps will be included in the future updates for free.

Although Blizzard gave the players unlocked characters, it still offers extra buyable content. They offer an option where the players can buy “Loot Boxes”, containing skins, extra voices, sprays etc.

When it comes to selling approach, it seems Blizzard carefully chose a flawless one. By unlocking all characters for the players, Blizzard protected the game balance, so there’s no possibility for Overwatch to be turned into a pay-to-win type of game. And with its loot boxes, they kept sure the cosmetics and the visual effects won’t cause dull moments for its players. By buying loot boxes, the players will be able to enjoy in a new cosmetics for their favorite characters.

Overwatch is Unique

2 weeks after the release, Blizzard managed to sell 7 million Overwatch copies. How they managed to sell so many copies?

With Overwatch, Blizzard offered the players something entirely new and unique.

Overwatch gameplay cannot be compared with any other title. It’s a combination of the most played online multiplayer games. It has the teamwork element of CS:GO, the fighting style of Quake and it has the hero concept from HOST, Dota, and LOL.

Overwatch brought a gameplay uniting for all the fans from the above-mentioned titles.

What’s making Overwatch so unique and special is the incredible characters. Every character has exclusive design followed by special movements and particular abilities. All the heroes are perfectly balanced. No matter if the character’s role is DPS, Tank or Support, they all have their gifts and their weaknesses.

The players, who will master the game, are the once who will understand how to properly use the strong sides and exploit the weaknesses of their enemies.

Understanding what the team needs, and switching between heroes, so the opposite team is countered, is a crucial skill so the players to succeed in Overwatch.

Overwatch Characters

If we separately analyze and look each of the Overwatch heroes, we will come to a conclusion that Blizzard created a tremendous mess of 21 characters.

Anyway, a separate analysis and playing are not the same. Even though Blizzard brought us 21 characters without many similarities the game looks fantastic.

Blizzard fabricated an unthinkable idea into a gaming reality. Every single detail in the game is making us believe the characters are belonging in the same world.

The small character details, tied up with a story about terrorism, robot uprisings and disbanded team of heroes give us the sense the heroes are inseparable.

The specific character movements and their unique abilities are making the game much more than typical shooter title.

Followed by the casual team roles (healers, tanks, assassins), to win a game the players must adapt to the given situation and to their teammates, and choose a suitable hero.

Although, there are separate roles, the balance between the characters is kept. In certain situations, each hero has his strong sides and all the heroes have its counter picks.

When it comes to design and abilities, one of our favorite characters is Reaper. Equipped with twin shotguns and ability to transport he may be the strongest Overwatch assassin.  His high damage and tremendous movement make him a great counter to a variety of characters like the mobile tank “Winston” or the fearless “Roadhog”.

Overwatch Maps

Starting with four different modes followed up by three maps each. Overwatch offers a diversity of playstyles. They players are able to play each of the four possible scenarios: capture, payload, hybrid or control.

In the capture maps, one team is struggling to defend the specified points, and the other team is trying to conquer the same. The attackers are pressured by the time limit to conquer the given points.

Payload is similar to Team Forest’s mode. The defensive team will find themselves around a precious cargo, and their mission is, in a given time limit, to safely push the cargo to the end of the map. Obviously, the other team has objectives to stop the transport of the valuable cargo.

Control maps have no defender or attacker roles. Throughout the map, the roles of attacking or defending are changing. The both teams are trying to acquire a control point. Once captured the team must defend the point, and the other team must kill or lure out its defendants to get the point. The score will progress in favor of the team who controls the point.

Hybrid is combination from of control and payload map. The first battleground is a capture point. When conquered, on the capture point appears cargo that needs to be moved to a specific point. The team who wins the first round must carry the payload to the end of the map.

Even though the game doesn’t have a campaign or storytelling during the combats, Overwatch still offers elaborate story plot. Each map and each character have an elaborate “easy-to-miss” story.

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