Overwatch Open Beta Continued For One Day


Blizzard decided to allow a continuation of their open beta period for Overwatch, one of the brand new action titles they’re focusing on. The dedicated beta servers will be up for the next 24 hours, or more precisely said till 10AM May 10th.

It’s good to see how Blizzard decided to listen to their fans and increase the testing period for one of their most awaited titles for this year.

The Overwatch fiver increased over the past couple of months and it seems like the game established a cult following already.

Certain amount of gamers was invited to participate in the closed beta version of the game and stream their experience on Twitch, so it seems like Blizzard created the perfect environment for a pre-release marketing campaign.

This still doesn’t exclude the fact how players will need to wait for more than two weeks to grab their copy of Overwatch, which is something the development tried to assess when increasing the beta testing period for a full day.

Now, instead of 15 days you’ll need to go 14 days without any Overwatch in your daily routine.

For now, you’ll be able to play the game for free on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One although you’ll need to possess an Xbox Live pass for the last one.

One of the reasons why Blizzard decided to prolong the beta version availability of the game is probably hidden behind the fact they need more time and data to conclude some final tests and performance measures.

This doesn’t put aside the situation where you’ll have to go through all of those nasty “new-game” bugs and glitches, but it certainly positions Blizzard as one of the most fan orientated studios in the industry right now.

The Overwatch beta availability will soon not be available anymore, so if you want to try the game, just hurry up.

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