Overwatch Feature You’ll Find in Call of Duty as Well


Blizzard has created a new game that can be classified as a pure hero shooter and is titled Overwatch. The interesting part about this new title is that it implements one crucial Call of Duty based feature.

The gun-play you experience with Overwatch is the same used during the development of Call of Duty gameplay and mechanics.

The reason why Blizzard tries to combine Call of Duty features with this new release is because they aim to bring a high end experience with all of their future shooter projects and is there a better place to look for solutions than their award winning franchise?

Overwatch will also mark the first time Blizzard decided to set the release date simultaneously for all platforms including PC as well.

Treyarch is actually the development studio that worked together with Blizzard to create a real life shooting experience for all gamers around the globe. The studio was also included during the development of Overwatch, leaving many Blizzard fans feeling satisfied.

One of the main focus points was the assistance while aiming, which is something that industry giants like Halo and Destiny apply to their gameplay as well. Blizzard stated how Overwatch will “borrow” this system from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 directly. Leaving out any room for mistake.

This is something Blizzard tried to address from day one after all of their games made the transfer from PC only to PC and consoles.

Having a controller in your hand is little bit different than going through the game with the help of a mouse and keyboard.

Overwatch Tracer Censorship

It seems like the gaming community shifts towards creating a unified solution that will work for every gaming engine, but how good or bad is this? If we have dozens of games using the same engine with the exact same features, what’s the goal of creating new titles?

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