Out There Ω Edition is a simple space themed game you must try


Out There is a space themed game that took everything it could from Faster than Light. The only part different from FTL is the level of combat included in the whole space saga.

If you want to test the game before you buy it, you can check out the mobile version, which is pretty much everything you get from the PC version, just on a smaller screen.

You wont get hours and hours of fun with Out There, and you’ll soon notice how the gameplay doesn’t change as you progress, but on the other hand the number of moving elements is minimal compared to FTL, which makes it easier to grasp the whole concept.

It gets lonely at times when playing Out There, but that’s actually the point of the whole game. You don’t have any enemies that will attack you every now and then, but you also don’t have friends to talk to when things go south.

The only thing you get is a tank of fuel you need to refill very often. When you stop to put some gas in your machine you’ll contact with creatures that talk weird languages you can’t understand.

The only risk you’re exposed to is getting lost in the Universe, which is a pretty big damn thing to consider, and don’t get trapped in some underground mineral mine.

Out There reminisces to some of the pre Star Wars science fiction flicks that covered the idea of a post apocalyptic humanity, and it’s a flick that you must try at least on your mobile device.

Just make sure to go out in the period you play the game because it may became overwhelming to spend so much time in empty spaces of the Universe. Out There is more of a philosophical than entertaining piece of game history.



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