New Pre-Order Bonus Skin Pack For Batman: Arkham Knight


Batman: Arkham Knight has set its release date for 23 June this summer and it seems like Warner Bros. will try to give as much insight in the game till then as they can.

One of the latest info about the game is related with the pre-order bonus related with the titles, which includes two different skins.

This was first noticed on Steam and it become one of the focal points of conversation across internet forums.

The two Batman skins that you’ll receive if you pre-order the game on Steam include one Batman Beyond mask from the animated series wearing the same title and one Dark Knight Returns costume from Frank Miller’s comic with the same title.

The name of the skin pack is Gotham’s Future and it will provide you with the opportunity to travel to the future with your Batman avatar or just go with the classic look. The decision is yours.


It’s still unclear will this be an exclusive for Steam users only or will the publisher decide to make this bonus available for all fans across all platforms.

Although this is one pretty awesome pre-order bonus, there has been lots of negative comments about all the moves Warner Bros. is making just before the release of the game.

The fact that this is the third update that the game received this month, it’s pretty unclear what will be the definite version of the game and how pricey will it be to own all of the features and bonuses.

Before WB announced this skin pack, they have also published the Harley Quinn pre-order bonus, some pretty high-class season pass price list, and confirmed the rumors that you’ll also be able to play as Batgirl.



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