New Fan-Made Map and Content Included in the ARK: Survival Evolved Patch


Wildcard Studio released a 10GB patch filled with new content including a map, couple of bosses, and tons of creatures.

The enormous map coming with the latest update is strictly fan generated.

The fan’s map caught the eye of Studio Wildcard and impressed the development team till that extent that they not only purchased the map, but proposed a place on their staff to the creator.

The massive 10GB patch includes five new creatures as well.

You’ll be facing a new giant millipede, ride-able giant, a saber-toothed fish, a Lystrosaurus and a dire dangerous bear in ARK Survival’s wilderness from now on.

If this isn’t enough, get ready to face two new bosses.

With their last update, Wildcard Studio introduces a new tribal ranking system. The new ranking system allows players to assign ranks to their tribe.

The ranks are accompanied by certain privileges, where only selected ranks have the right to access particular building and inventories.

Wildcard Studio didn’t forget including a new weapon with their latest patch.

They decided to add a primitive bola weapon allowing players to ensnare smaller dinosaurs.

The primitive bola weapon is unusual for playing, and surprisingly enough, it works just fine on flying creatures. Try landing a hit on a smaller flying creature and you’ll immediately notice a difference.

One of the best kept secrets of this new release is the primitive cannon weapon.

To unlock the cannon players need to level up their character to the 40th level and use five engram points.

RPG lovers should definitely check what ARK: Survival Evolved has to offer. The game is regularly updated, the engine is constantly improving, and the idea is magnificent. Before buying The ARK, check the technical requirements of the game.

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