Need For Speed PC Review


This is the 25th game from the Need for Speed franchise and the lack of subtitles for the first time since 1994 suggests it will be a unique one.

The game has been developed by Ghost Games, which is a EU based fraction of EA Sports, and it has been available across all consoles since November of 2015, so having a PC version released March 17th 2016 is something that was somehow expected, even earlier maybe.

The game is completed, although it took some time, and that’s why we’re bringing this Need for Speed PC review in 2016 instead of 2015.

Knowing how racing games can sometimes become over complicated during the course of years, that’s not the case with this latest NFS PC installment. The gameplay is pretty simple and fast paced, meaning you can upgrade your first car in only couple of hours of play and even purchase a second car and become invincible in the first ten hours of gameplay.

It’s safe to say this Need for Speed would be perfect for online multiplaying if there wasn’t the presence or better said the constant nagging of cut-ins where bad voice actors read some phrases that don’t even make sense.

The developers decided to split the game in two very different parts. The part that’s dominating your NFS experience is of course the racing, but you may be surprised how much options are made available when it comes to car customization.

First let’s see what the racing part offers. There are different types of races ranging from time trials to straight line races, but the interesting part is that there’s no generic or original form for each race.

Huge part of racing is drifting, so you’ll need to figure out this part if you want to have fun with Need for Speed. Just don’t try to drift your 1996 Honda in your neighborhood, stay in the virtual world.

Don’t worry if you’re not a drift expert as this element will be explained in huge detail while you play, but it’s all up to you to figure out what’s the best way to treat your particular customized ride.

Which leads us to the next non-racing element of the game. If you’re addicted to racing cars and accessories, you’ll get stuck in the garage for hours trying to figure out what’s the best way to upgrade your rides. The real answer is there’s no right way to pimp your ride, as each car is specific and each upgrade fits different with each ride.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a car expert because the shop is filled with items that have so simple explanations it will hurt your eyes reading them. It’s simple till the point the description only explains will that part make your car go faster or it will stabilize it during your drifting adventures.

When it comes to the storyline, yes this new PC version of Need for Speed has a story or at least an attempt of a creative plot, there’s lot to be said, but I’m afraid not all of it will be great.

Your character in the game is a guy that knows how to flirt with girls on the racing tracks and is soon noticed by Spike who acts the role of a race manager. After you hook up with this savory character you’ll start receiving different tasks you’ll need to complete from him directly or some of his buddies.

All of this tasks are placed on a map that’s not small, but certainly feels smaller compared to some previous releases, reference to Burnout Paradise. In order to receive the mentioned tasks you’ll need to move across the map from one buddy to the other. During this trips there are lengthy segments with real people while you always remain the same dull behind the camera persona that can only see his own hands.

The actors are pretty bad, but that’s more a question of acting taste ranging from person to person, but we can all agree that the lines they say are pretty disrespectful to the level of IQ of the player.

You will need to worry who digs who and what does Amy the mechanic girl do in her free time and what type of girl problems is she having. Sorry “bruh”, one of the most used terms in the script, but you’ll need to go through this, and if you’re a girl … well they forgot to put a female character option.

Another part that’s been well thought of is the presence of the police. Although there’s that constant fell of danger and you try to avoid the all present officer, after a while it becomes more of an afterthought.

The cops will only appear if you speed or crash into them, and even then they’ll chase you for a couple of minutes before they disappear from the mini map in your right bottom corner. After this you will need to wait for your “cool down meter” to get into the safe zone and you can continue with your highly important tasks.

You surely know what you get with this latest Need for Speed installment, especially if you’ve already tried it on console. The game has attempted to bring you the world of racing in a whole new light, but it seems like the script for the story has been developed by people that know nothing about cars and try to sound young.

Thank God Need for Speed has kept it’s design and gameplay quality, so you can enjoy simple yet hard races and go through well thought of tasks.

It seems like the NSF franchise is far from done and we can expect even more updates in the future.

The game has out of this Earth design and that’s why you’ll need at least an AMD Radeon R9 200, 24GB RAM, i5-2500K @ 3.3GHz, Win 10 64bit system to try it out. The price is set at whooping $50 if you’re buying it for the first time while it will be $30 for players that already own the game for consoles.


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