NBA 2k16 hits nothing but net with its improved gameplay


Every big fan of basketball celebrates the day when the NBA 2k label was purchased by 2k Sports from SEGA. We must admit, it’s hard to imagine that SEGA would be able to compete with EA Sports and their NBA Live franchise, while that was an easy task for 2k Sports, game publishing company that revolutionized the face of virtual sports, starting with Pro Evolution Soccer and continuing with huge focus on American sports.

Today there’s a healthy balance between EA Sports and 2k Sports. FIFA and PES are battling each year, but it seems like the Canadian publisher is winning the battle for both their soccer and US football simulations (FIFA and Madden NFL). That leaves 2k Sports dominating the baseball and basketball markets, till the extent they’ve pushed EA Sports out of the basketball market.

The thing is that you can never go complacent once you reach the top and the people at 2k are fully aware of this. That’s why improving defensive movement, defensive IQ of your opponents and overall offensive movement was on the top of the list for them. The end result? A game where holding the sprint button and circling around your opponents isn’t enough anymore.

Making plays on the offensive end is a must in NBA 2k16. If you try to carelessly run the baseline or make zig-zag dribbles with your best player, you’ll end up loosing the ball or get your shot blocked 9/10 times. Another thing that’s clearly evident since the first gameplay video hit the net earlier this week is the adjustment made to the speed of your players in transition. It isn’t possible anymore to catch players like LeBron James or John Wall on the fast break if you’re behind them with your big man. All in all, this is probably the most complete basketball simulation of all time.

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