Most Popular Games On YouTube For April 2016


What’s the most popular game according to Google at this very instance? Have you ever wondered?

Usually people try to track sales and downloads, but in reality great number of gamers download their games from torrents and other piracy inspired sources.

We’re not talking about the US market only, we’re considering more about global frames.

It’s hard to believe a game will have the same amount of sales in a country where software piracy laws aren’t established yet, and that’s a huge portion of the global market for development studios.

If you can’t measure game’s success by its sales, how will you asses the problem?

The best way to do this is by measuring overall popularity across social media platforms, including stuff from YouTube views to number of mentions on Twitter, which on its own can be time consuming and inaccurate.

Maybe a certain country prefers local social media channels, like the Russians do with VK, in front of Facebook. This messes up the numbers big time.

That’s why it’s smart to assume how YouTube is the most significant source of statistical information when it comes to measuring the success of new releases.

This is not only due to the popularity of the video sharing platform and the fact that it’s the go to source for gaming guides, cheats and tutorials published by renowned YouTubers. It’s more because the content released on YouTube is created by the gaming community and is followed by fans from all over the world.

Having this in mind, here are the most popular games on YouTube for the month of April, based on number of searches, views and mentions:


There are no huge surprises on this list, but it’s always fun to see how the Sims will always be somewhere on the top of search results.

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