Mojang made a YouTuber remove his Minecraft trolling videos


Notch has revealed that he will be updating the Terms and Conditions to clarify the real meaning of “trolling”. Notch said this after a YouTuber removed a few Minecraft trolling videos because apparently Mojang said it wasn’t allowed.

The YouTuber, ZexyZek, has over 700,000 subscribers and was the main creator of the Minecraft trolling series. The series consisted of him joining other servers, where he annoyed, scared or destroyed the creations of the players on the server.

“Because we apparently have to have them, we have terms and conditions on how you can use Minecraft,” Notch said. “Someone at some point added the term “no trolling” to these terms. I assume this was done in good faith to prevent Minecraft being used to harass or bully people, but ‘trolling’ is a very problematic term.”

ZexyZek was aware of the rule and decided to contact Mojang concerning the issue and to ask whether it was allowed.  Mojang replied saying that trolling was not allowed, so ZexyZek decided to remove all his trolling videos and then make a video explaining to his fans.

“Content creators like ZexyZek and all the community their fanbases create is the reason Minecraft is where it is,” Persson said. “I will ask the people in charge of the boring legal texts to clarify ‘trolling’ with better words. If they really did mean what was perceived, I will ask them to remove that line.”

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