Microsoft upgrades the Xbox app based on customer requests


Xbox stands as one of the most popular gaming consoles today, mainly because of the high stature of the 360 model released back in 2005, and one of the biggest reasons hiding behind this success is the constant evolution of the platform based on customer feedback.

Having this in mind, the latest press release by Microsoft where they stated how Windows 10 will feature an updated Xbox App, wasn’t a big surprise. We’re talking about a really customer orientated update.

Facebook Integration

If it has been hard for you to connect with friends using social media till now, Windows 10 will feature a integrated Facebook app that will allow you to find Xbox Live gamers from your Facebook list of friends and vice versa.

Another ting connected with the feature is the ease with which you would be able to share content with your friends directly through the Xbox App. Send messages, make new connections and watch replays together with your Xbox Live buddies all in one place.

Voiceovers are easier than ever with the new Xbox App

The Game DVR part of the app is nearly impeccable, giving players the opportunity to do live voiceovers and post them to their social accounts or share them with their friends on Xbox Live. Another interesting thing connected with the DVR is the fact that it supports all games playable on Windows as well. You only need a headset and you’re ready to record, store and share your gaming videos.

Add games using gold

The Xbox Store has also been updated as you’ll be able to redeem games using Gold and make any type of deals throughout the Xbox Live community using Gold. It seems like the guys at Windows know their stuff when customer satisfaction comes in question. It all looks good on paper and only the time will show will the updates deliver as advertised. Expect an update on the situation in couple of months.

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