Magicka 2 Review


Magicka 2 is a RPG title developed by Pieces Interactive, little change from the developer of the first title in the series Arrowhead Game Studios, and published by Paradox Interactive. Magicka 2 was first promoted at this years E3 exhibit organized by Sony and immediately won the hearts of RPG adventure seekers.

One of the features that give Magicka an edge over its competition lays in its specific spell casting system, which is ingenious at moments yet it can become frustrating in some situations. You will find yourself in the role of a crafty wizard that can create its own spells in manner of milliseconds, but there will be parts where you’ll look like a newbie wizard wanna be.

This only adds to the uniqueness of Magicka 2 and its ability to transfer all of the positives from the initial release of the series and build upon it. It’s also crystal clear that the developer will need one more year to perfect all of the sorceresses available and work on all of the glitches in order to create a perfect magical RPG.

Even if you lose more often than you win, you’ll still be amazed by the world surrounding you and the game scenario you need to follow. It’s evident that Magicka 2 is a game created by gamers for gamers.

Although you’ll probably start the game on your own, you’ll find it hard to beat enemies heading in as an one-man-army, so its smart to bring couple of your gaming buddies and make things easier in a chaotic co-op mode, where you’ll slay your enemies with deadly spell combinations together with your partners.

The number of spell combinations present with Magicka 2 is simply unbelievable. You are able to use 10 different magical elements and combine them one by one in order to create the perfect spell. This gives you the opportunity to create hundreds of different spells, and each one of them comes in handy at a particular moment of the game. The only problem is that sometimes you may pick an inappropriate spell and this can directly result with your in-game death of your character.

The simple logic used in Magicka 2, when it comes to creating spells, works based on these rules:

  • Combining water and fire results with creating steam,
  • Combining water and cooling results with creating ice,
  • Combining earth and fire results with creating rocks, and so on.

Once you hold a grip over all the basic rules, you’ll be able to create spells that will actually help you advance in the game. After a while you’ll be crafty enough to create stone walls in order to protect your character or burst lightnings on multiple targets that will make huge damage. Practice is everything you need if you want to become a spell master in Magicka 2.

You’re probably thinking how Magicka 2 can easily become boring after you master all the elements, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Even when you master all spell combinations you will need to use each one of them based on the situation you find yourself in. Each spell is matched by an opposite spell from your opponents, so you’ll have lots of fun finding their weak spots. One more reason why Magicka 2 is not only an average RPG release, but a game that tests your intelligence on many occasions as well.

Mistakes are easily made without you noticing it. For example, you can carelessly wonder into a pond of water and try to use your lightning attacking magic, but you’ll immediately notice how its power is not affecting your opponents. Reason? You’re in the middle of a pond. You can’t use electricity there. Filled with spell combinations that can fill up a dictionary and extreme usage of common sense, Magicka 2 may look as a mission impossible at times, but you’ll fell in love with it as soon as you learn all the aspects the game has to offer.

The great part of this game is that you can repair all the mistakes you do. For example, in the case depicted above you can just go to a dry part of land and put a spell on yourself, weak magic spell, that will drain all the water from your body. After this you can continue firing lightnings on your opponents. Rapid decision making is crucial in Magicka 2. Reaching the next level you’ll learn how to create a water barrier surrounding yourself, which will make your character water immune and able to blast lightnings at any time. This gives you an edge over your opponents as you’ll possess twice the speed they do, safely blasting lightnings from your water bubble.

One of the biggest problems with Magicka 2 is that it has relatively short time span of its gameplay and you’ll be able to finish the campaign in between 8 to 10 hours of active play. This doesn’t mean that the game is boring as you’ll get lots of opportunities to ponder on how to beat your enemies and use the right combination of spells to avoid certain death.

One thing is sure, these 8 hours of gameplay are filled with interesting pop culture references present in combat situations taken from TV shows like Archer and Game of Thrones. So, don’t be surprised if you start thinking of your character as Sterling Malory or Tyrion Lannister. Some fans even state that the game reminisces of the popular cartoon TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender, mainly because of the ability to use elements like water, fire and earth in the game.

Magicka 2 is an RPG adventure title that implements mechanic combinations seen in fighting simulations, which makes the game a unique title and probably way better than its predecessor. The problem is that the gameplay is so complicated that at times even the most basic moves can prove to be too complicated for the novice gamer. You will enjoy every second of your in-game success, but you may find it frustrating that you need to remember all of those spell combinations and use them in manner of seconds.


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