Leaked Information Regarding New Features And The Release Date Of TitanFall 2


Some of you will be pleased by hearing the potential release for one of the most anticipated games, TitanFall2 is just around the corner.

According to the Reddit user known as “ilovegoogleglass,” the game release is scheduled sometime in October this year.

The Reddit user also rumored that those who preorder this title will receive a bonus handgun called Violator.

Ilovegoogleglass also leaked information about the gameplay.

He’s claiming the game is going to be enriched with new pilot abilities including the addition of a grappling hook. Ability such as the grappling hook would be very usefully for situations, such as swinging up into your Titan or giving yourself a quick boost while running.

Besides the release date and the gameplay, the game’s environment was mentioned as well. We should expect bigger maps where the maximum player count will increase.

The Redditor claims the following image will be used in the game’s official box art.

If the leak source is indeed legitimate, the image is confirmation of the previous speculations that in TitanFall2 we should expect wall-running Titans.

Should we trust the above mentioned rumors?

The Reddit user “ilovegoogleglass” didn’t validate his or her sources. Without authentication of the information, this is nothing more than speculation.

The information dump regarding the release date of TitanFall2 builds on a previous rumor which indicates the game will be released in 2016. However without confirmations about the release date from EA nor Respawn Entertainment, the fans shouldn’t raise their hopes to high.

About the wall-running Titans, don’t you think the idea of someone putting so much effort in creating an image just so he fools a bunch of fans is crazy? If thinking logically, you’ll come to a conclusion you should be expecting Titans with an ability to do wall-running.

Nevertheless, according to the official website of TitanFall2, on June 12 we will have more official information regarding the game.

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