As GameGeeks grows, we’re constantly in need of more writers to make sure our readers are updated regularly with the latest news and reviews. Each job is paid weekly depending on the amount of articles written by the author each week.


A writers job is to provide our readers with the most recent gaming news and reviews. Each writer must have excellent grammar and vocabulary and must be able to submit at least one article per day.

The job is paid weekly like the others, but more will be paid if the writer is able to write high quality reviews, news articles and the occasional opinion.


The editor position is a vital part of the blog. They must be able to proofread each article submitted and correct any spelling, grammar or vocabulary errors. Editors must be able to easily identify mistakes and make the correct adjustments.

Editors are also paid weekly depending on the amount of articles they correct mistakes in.

If you’re interested in any positions listed above, contact us –, payment can also be discussed via email.

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