FIFA 16 or PES 16? The choice is tougher than ever


For quite some time now FIFA has been hailed as the ultimate winner of the battle with PES. The battle was more like Goliath versus David, well at least when we talk about a time span of couple of seasons, but it seems like Konami came to their senses and decided to work a little bit on their virtual soccer engine, which if we can say hasn’t changed that much since the 90’s.

Although Konami always created a more realistic surrounding and had impeccable player movement, they failed convert when it came to gameplay and player IQ. You would be able to see lots of flair, but FIFA was the one that had all the composure, talking in football terms.

Players and real football fans were always disgusted by the unrealistic approach PES had to its gameplay. If your top player’s flank was pointing up and it was red, you could go from your own goal to the opponents’ by solely holding the sprint button. That’s why players like Robinho and Andriano became gaming legends.

Today we have a totally different scenario. FIFA is still applying the precise passing gameplay feeling like always, but the movement of the players and their IQ, especially on the defensive end, has stagnated or seen little improvement. On the other hand, PES has improved their game engine to the level you’ll never notice a difference between a real game and PES simulation because of the beauty of the movements players possess, and the best part is that their both offensive and defensive awareness has improved significantly.

If you like a more precise gameplay with few glitches like the ability of slow defenders to catch up even with Ronaldo on the counter, go on and buy FIFA, but if you like a more fun and free flowing type of a game, PES is the right choice for you.

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