Fallout 4: Far Harbor’s Review


Bethesda finally released content that’s worth playing. After few DLC updates, Fallout 4 received a true expansion that adds a new zone and about 15 hours of quests and stories. With the release of Fallout 4’s expansion, Fall Harbor, the fans received the content they’ve waited impatiently.

The new expansion of Fallout is full of everything and great. Anyway, due to number of performance issues for the PS4 users, the opinions about the DLC are likely to be divided. The adoration for the expansion is enriched with unexpected puzzle-solving mechanics, which may cause joy or hate among the players.

Alike the primal story, Far Harbors starts with a missing person case. A New case from the Detective Agency sends the player character to the north, to investigate a young woman, a daughter of a fisherman who lives beyond the northeast boundaries of the Commonwealth. Through a brief investigation, the character assumes that Kasumi, the fisherman daughter, went to a place far north called Far Harbor.

Travelling of the coast to Far Harbor, a mysterious island where the levels of radiation created a feral world, the character starts his adventure. Navigating through conflicts between the synths, town folks and the Children of Atom the story is filled with twists and adventure. The map of Far Harbor has the largest land ever created for an add-on.

Far Harbor is an island filled with fog. The fog plays a key role in the content and the game atmosphere. Filled with a lot of fog, followed by a hazardous weather and a scary tone, the island has a horror tense ambient.

The hazardous weather of the game, apparently caused some major frame rate issues on the PS4, we’re looking forward to an update for fixing up the problem.

It seems Bethesda studio paid attention to player criticisms about the insufficient dialogs and the underdeveloped characters in the core game, Fallout 4.

The release of Far Harbor is filled with plenty of dialogs, moral discussions, and decisions. Filled with well-developed characters and interesting stories, the players who considered Fallout 4 dialog and characters disappointing will be satisfied. Make sure you take every opportunity to talk to all possible characters and discover their fascinating and interesting stories.

With familiar gameplay, the main quest leads the player to a conflict between Far Harbor townspeople, the Children of Atom and the synth refugees. While helping the residents of the island, the players will find themselves faced with difficult decisions. Far Harbor is not shy about asking you to join a group of murderous extremists. Even though the moments have their potential, they require more time to spur a meaningful response.

The story is so interesting, after the game is completed, it arouses the players to come and play it again, face the same problems, do some decisions differently and see how the outcome would change. Without a rush, going through the main story will take from 15 to 20 hours for those will take their time and explore the island.

The gameplay concept is familiar; the quests challenge the player to explore certain areas of the map so he finds some item, kill some guy or to meet a new character.

During the quests, the exploring involves running around and gunning some bad guys and avoiding the poisoning. Above in the review, we mentioned that the fog plays a core role in the gameplay and the game’s ambient. Cos the fog, the players have a reduced vision, so it will be hard to notice the incoming enemies, which add an extra excitement, and plenty of twists to the outdoor encounters.

Enriched with series of puzzles, Far Harbor has an upgraded gameplay, bringing the fans a refreshing version of Fallout 4. Parts of the puzzles are Minecraft style and parts are Portal. This is unusual and unexpected to hear about Fallout. Anyway, who doesn’t love a good puzzle?

By resolving the serious of puzzles, the players should find enjoyment that was missing in the core gameplay. The main problem with the puzzle sequence is it didn’t exist in the core game. As fun as it is, the puzzle thing should’ve been much shorter. The puzzles offer a decent challenge and their difficulty isn’t extraordinary. Only a few of the puzzles are optional.

The puzzles aren’t followed by a beautiful visual design, but for sure, they are fun to play. We recommend going with an open mind and seize the new challenges.

In terms of graphics, all of the players knew they were getting the same engine that runs on Fallout4. However, it seems Bethesda put a lot effort into creating interesting logical puzzles, an effort big to an extent they didn’t had time to design the appropriate visual details for the puzzle parts.

The visual design of some of the puzzles looks like Minecraft. Not that Minecraft is a bad game, but we would expect consistency of graphic details during the entire gameplay of Fallout 4. With the kind of design Far Harbor has, when you’re playing some of the puzzle parts it’ll feel like you’ve run another game. The poor puzzle graphics lessens the experience and the respect for the DLC.

Fans of gear will find enjoyment in the plenty of treasures Far Harbor offers. The theme has varieties of weapons and armor, so the players will have the chance to fight with everything from big sized fish hooks to harpoon guns. The new gear is filled with plenty of weapons. Whether you want to cripple or blow your enemies Far Harbor has the items you’ll need. It has great choice of weapons such as: special flamers, unique chainsaw, harpoon gun and a super sledge.

Given all, Fallout 4 is more than a respectable DLC Bethesda studio. The expansion has some flaws in the mix, but considering all the aspects, the game is great. If the previous DLC of Fallout 4 were disappointing for you, this add-on will turn your disappointment into a satisfaction. We can only hope that Bethesda Studio will keep up the good work, not only with this title but also with the other memorable games they’ve developed.

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