Fallout 4 Beta Game Modes For Xbox One, PS4 and PC Announced


Sometimes game modes are more enjoyable than the game itself. Soon we’re going to check if Bethesda studio’s Fallout 4 fan made modes will actually fill the expectations.

Bethesda studio announces their plans for a beta test of their console versions of Fallout 4. All the players Xbox One players that are interested about the post-content should check their tweeter profile and sign up to take part in the beta. About the fans that are using different consoles such as PlayStation 4 are going to have to wait until June.

Bethesda studio is known for surprising with excellent gaming mods. Their modes on Skyrim were legendary. If you haven’t played the Skyrim modes Enderal – The Shards of Order and Skyrim Redone – overhaul for TESV you should definitely check them. Enderal – The Shards of Order story takes place in a separate universe, creating entirely new world unrelated to Skyrim.  The Shard of Order is a creation of the outstanding volunteers who are best known for their Oblivion mode “Nehrim – At Fate’s Edge” that successfully passed all the expectations.

The past gaming modes of Bethesda studio, are known to be great gaming experiences that keep the players enjoying for hundreds of hours. With releasing game modes for Fallout 4, Bethesda studio are going to try to maintain the fans of the game busy until the release of Fallout 5.  Since they haven’t announced the second wave of modes and post content for this game, we will see if they up to the challenge.

Fallout 4 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and so will be the modes for this game. This kind of post-game content has been available only for PC gaming. Bethesda studio are going to put a spark in the support for gaming modes for consoles. This kind of ambition will be a relief for the console lovers.

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