Explore All Dark Soul 3 Secrets Using This Cheat Sheet


You were probably surprised the first time you found a secret in Dark Souls 3. Since then you’re playing the game just to get to that spot where a cheat is hidden. To avoid sleepless nights you can use a cheat sheet, but where to find the most complete one? Just continue reading.

When thinking about it, Dark Souls 3 has been on the market for only couple of weeks and it’s strange to even think about a secrets cheat sheet, but hey, gamers are gaming and this is what they’re best at.

The biggest problem when trying to find these hidden gems is the fact that Dark Souls 3 provides very little insight into the gameplay and you’ll find almost zero directions provided.

The kingdom of Lothric is wast, so even more experienced gamers will find it challenging to find every piece of content hidden somewhere on the ground or floating in mid air.

That’s why communities are great.

You can find the ultimate Dark Souls 3 cheat sheet at github by following this link.

The cheat sheet has every NPC quest listed down to the very last detail, so after going through it you can proudly say how you earned everything Dark Souls has to offer.

Dark Souls 3 Secret Transformation

One especially appealing aspect of this checklist is it includes armory and weaponry as well. Giving players the opportunity to improve their arsenal once they go through each check point.

Before you begin your quest you should consider how the cheat sheet doesn’t include specific locations. Instead, it will refer you to the according Dark Souls Wiki page where you’ll be able to find the necessary coordinates.

The whole Dark Souls cheat sheet is based on DeatGodGarra’s Dark Souls guide released on GameFAQs site a week ago. So, if you want to dominate the game, check this out as well.


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