Evoland Is A Mobile Game That You Need To Check Out


Evoland was released this Monday on the App Store and it is the full version of game jam Evoland Classic promoted back in 2012 at the Ludem Dare 24 competition. After winning the competition and gaining some following among gamers the team behind it worked for almost three years in order to release a more evolved version of the game. There was a desktop edition of the game released in April 2013.

Evoland lands somewhere between the borders of a classic game and an interactive experience. The story is set around the evolution of RPG games and the script is not that long, you’ll probably wrap up the whole game in couple of hours. The true magic of the game is hidden in the fact that it reenacts different games from the past 20+ years.

Experienced gamers will like it because it will bring them back through time, but it is also a great choice for novice gamers in order to learn more about games that they never played. If you need to describe Evoland in only couple of words, then you can freely say that it is a history lesson about the gaming world since its beginning.

The first stage of the game is about the Game Boy period. It is accordingly designed with cool pixel art and limited gameplay features. You’ll need to make only few steps before opening your first treasure chest that hides some classic RPG element.

You will quickly advance from that 2D limited world into a full 3D virtual reality equipped with much more functions. Evoland is a fun game for playing and it will take you only couple of hours to go through it.


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