Doom Review


After eight years of development Bethesda and ID Software finally gave us one of the most desired horror-action games in the likes of fan favorite Doom.

As one who adores first-person shooter genre, I’ve missed playing the old school FPS games that were popular in the past decade. With the release of Doom I hoped to see the old fashion FPS gameplay again.

I can say Doom totally passed my set of expectations. For me, the game had more than a few positives connected with the gameplay and design, but they were also accompanied by a single negative aspect. Although it’s one particular problem, it influences the entire gameplay.

Doom gameplay

Doom’s campaign is divided by combat and exploration moments, and a story plot told through cut scenes and a great narrative. The game’s plot and the exploration moments are totally overshadowed by the overwhelming action of the game.

Outstanding Combat system

Equipped with weapons like Super Shotgun, Plasma Rifles and Chainsaw you will unleash the hell upon the demons. The fighting has the sense of satisfaction that every first-person shooter should have.

The concept of hiding and going between enemies unnoticed is impossible. You will constantly find yourself trapped in between enemies chasing you wherever you turn.

With high movement speeds and abilities to do a double jump and mantle over ledges, you will have strong mobility options, but the developer took care to develop an environment where you can’t outsmart your enemies so easily. The enemies, even the big ones, can move around quickly and cover more ground than you.

Without rewards of regeneration packs you are forced to find HP and armor around the map or by killing demonic foes. With the high amount of action moments and the increased movement requirements, you’ll need to start thinking on your feet.

Doom’s dull exploration moments

Although the game had its moments of memorable and outstanding action it also had its lack of an eventful gameplay.

When it comes to the gameplay pattern, Doom caused disappointment among its fan base. Even though the great action experience overshadows its monotonous gaming pattern, I could still feel like the scenes are repeating themselves.

The combat system will keep your attention for a while, but after one-hour of playing, you will find yourself doing the same little tasks, connected mostly with cleaning rooms filled with demons. After you successfully destroy the demons you discover in your surroundings, you will activate objects and find yourself in an actionable situation once again.

The whole game is followed by the same predictable gaming pattern. From this aspect, the only satisfying thing Doom offered was a fast, violent and outstanding action.

Doom Storyline

The latest episode of Doom game developed by ID Software is called just Doom for a reason. It’s the same old Doom story plot where you play as a space marine who is handling a hell filled with demons.

The main character is Doom Marine, who emerges from his cell. With a few hints and clues, the game reveals the real nature of the character.

The Doom Marine was once a mighty warrior known as the “Doom Slayer”. Before the imprisonment, our Doom Slayer nearly destroyed Hell.

Now freed, he finds himself in a middle of a demonic invasion on Mars. With the assistance of the research chief Samuel Hayden, the Doom Slayer sets out to locate and stop the source of the invasion.

The evidence is pointing at the head researcher Olivia Pierce, who seems to have intent to unleash the demonic army trough a portal.

The elaborated storyline is something new for Doom’s legacy. I didn’t expect anything deep and elaborate when it comes to the storyline. The story was unique and interesting.

You should definitely put an effort into trying to read everything you can find in the game. You will find a bunch of dark comic staff in the title.

Graphic Performance

The graphic settings are well-taken care of for PC gamers. There are tons of options where you are able to set the field of view, allowing players to see more of the world. There are colorblind mode options and a possibility to turn HUD and UI altogether for an even greater experience. The settings are not lacking the options to tweak the shadows, lighting, and reflection to gain even more realistic graphics. Doom looks gorgeous on high-end machines.

Nearly like every other PC game today Doom is not perfect. For a sci-fi game, it offers realistic moments to an extent impressive for most of players. It is one of the most competent efforts I’ve seen in a long time. The frame rate and the image quality are fabulous. The game settings offer options so the users can customize the game and gain a decent frame rate while keeping the visual effect glorious even on middle-end machines too.

Compared to the previous titles by ID Software, such as Wolfenstein: The New Order, Doom is nearly perfect.

The only performance flaw I’ve noticed was the navigation with the keyboard and the mouse. It is not easy to navigate through the icons of each section as a map, arsenal, and runes.

Doom Multiplayer Mode

While the Doom single player campaign was a unique experience eminent to the Doom legacy, the multiplayer mode is just an average attempt for an online shooter.

The weapon limit, your ability to bounce off through jump pads and the regular team based objectives doesn’t deliver the authentic Doom experience. I would prefer a more innovative multiplayer experience in the future.

It seems Bethesda and ID Software were afraid of scoring poorly on the multiplayer section, so they’ve decided to stick with the regular. We can hope for updates where we will experience an authentic Doom multiplayer mode.

Doom’s SnapMap Feature

The SnapMap Doom feature allows players to construct their own maps. Thankfully, the concerns over Doom’s multiplayer may be blown-away with the SnapMap mode. It is surprisingly easy to use letting you create a new map in just a few minutes.

The SnapMap should ensure a flow of user generated content. Hopefully, the user generated content will cheer up the multiplayer spirit of the game.

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