Dark Souls 3 Review


The release date for Dark Souls III is nearing its official timeline and there has been tons of material connected with the game available online already, so why not create a detailed review of what you can expect with the latest title from this infamous franchise.

For those of you that don’t like hard games, it’s probably better if you look at some other titles like Far Cry: Primal or Need For Speed.

Seriously, Dark Souls is not only one of the hardest games you’ll try in 2016, it’s probably the hardest part of the whole series.

The feeling of entrapment and getting lost all the time is just an average day in the world of Dark Souls III. On the bright side this is the best RPG game on the market, for quite some time now, when it comes to creating realistic dungeons that won’t bother you while you’re going through a quest and at the same time feel unbelievably natural yet manage to be extremely terrifying.

These places will scare you and leave you wondering in the dark feeling like you’re all alone in this world. Still, the wast lands that you can conquer worth every second of terror in the dark dungeon crawling.

One of the other aspects that will make you fall in love with DS3 is the design of the world presented on the pretty detailed map. This fictional fantasy world is created out of multiple layers that can be explored one at a time.

This is something that was present with previous Dark Soul titles and it seems like the development studio behind the trilogy decided to refurnish it and use it once again as one of the main design features of the game.

The high end design of the world you’re exploring isn’t the only good thing that you can say about Dark Souls III. The combat is also astonishing and it probably represents the accumulation of experience and testing of the team that worked on this part of the game because it looks like they’ve managed to develop it to perfection.

New weaponry features are added for each character, but this won’t compromise the movement mechanics and real feel level of the game. As you move your character around you’ll notice how the weight and the movement of your avatar feels just right.

Most of the new features are best used against crowds of smaller enemies, part of the game that was improved as well, but it seems like you will be able to fight big bosses with some of your premium weapons only, without the need to use your secondary arsenal.

When you experience the combat after you stick your nose out of a dungeon, and normally if you played previous Dark Soul releases, you’ll notice how the design of the game and the actual combat reality has improved significantly.

The only problem you may experience is the level of differentiation between levels, which results with multiple themes present, but on the other hand you may consider how each one of these mini themes has lot to offer.

The fact that you have more room to operate and explore the map, means that at the same time greater number of monsters will be able to attack you from all sides. You may experience, for the first time while playing the series, the need of finding an empty piece of land where you can rest and take a breath.

As you run and move all the time, you’ll find out how enemies will keep an eye on you all the time after you initially activate their attack mode. It may happen that a particular monster follows you all the way till the end of the game.

You can avoid this by killing everything that moves on the perimeter, which leads to repetitive behavior in the gameplay, resulting in a diminished user experience. As you further progress you’ll notice how the play-through doesn’t change and you’ll soon learn all tricks and hidden flicks that will decrease the time you need to go from level to level.

This exposes great deal of in-game flaws, but it’s nothing major compared to the predecessor of the third release where enemies were placed on awkward positions resulting in a gameplay you won’t enjoy.

Dark Souls III is filled with combinations in both enemy positioning and combat mechanics. You will see the same type of enemy positioned on a similar position on each level while it uses the same attack combination to go against you.

Great number of these sequences are the result of a pure genius, and because of the huge number of enemies you’ll face you will have a hard time of remembering all of their attack combinations.

After all you’re the mastermind in this world and your goal is to outsmart everybody else around you, fighting for a greater good. There will be moments when you’ll feel like the mighty king of this whole universe, but your powerful enemies will soon remind you that it’s not all so simple and make you work for your goals.

One of the reasons why we can’t place Dark Souls III at the top of the series is because it will surely make some loyal fans mad because it was created in a manner that makes it easier for newbies to grasp the concept and develop rapidly while going through the levels.

The element that allowed this situation to happen are bonfires, that are a type of a in-game currency that gives you the ability to exchange bonfires for upgrades or new weapons, automatically improving your experience and level you’re using to face your enemies.

The final verdict is that you’ll be able to enjoy the secluded part of the universe where hell broke loose, and you’ll be able to fight enemies with a great arsenal of weaponry, which will lead to some interesting combats.

The game will be released for PC on April 11th and we’ll try to provide more info about the multiplayer side of Dark Souls III once it gets released.

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