Cheaters Need To Up Their Game To Beat The Division


Cheats are a big part of gaming and they’ll never disappear because of the very essence what gaming represents. You’re the master of the virtual world you’re entering through video games, so it’s logical to assume how you’re able to change it.

Putting aside the philosophical side of gaming, cheating is harming the overall quality of your gaming experience.

You may stuck on a certain level of the game and there’s a hole in the code that you can explore, but you aren’t doing that. After a while you search YouTube for a solution and there’s a certain YouTuber that solved this problem by exploiting a certain bug or error in the system.

This kind of excludes the whole point of creating a game and ti represents a constant issue in the gaming industry.

That’s why Hamish Bode and Yannick Banchereay, two community managers for The Division, said how they’ll be harsher than ever when addressing issues connected with known cheaters that exploit the game in a way it isn’t meant to be.

the division stat extremely broken

They both stated how this is an issue they’ll try to address in the near future, but at the same time Ubisoft will be extremely couscous when labeling someone a cheater so they avoid wrongful accusations.

When exploits come in question, there will be a different approach because they only appear when a user finds a mistake in the code of the game.

Ubisoft will try to fix all problems of this type as soon as they notice them and will make sure to accordingly punish users that take advantage of these issues.

Making changes to the code now sounds like an impossible mission and many experts in the field stated how it would probably be better to rewrite the whole game rather than focusing on easy fixes.

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