Battle Chaser Is Back As A Game And Comic

Battle Chasers was a cult comic book that saw its ninth and last release fourteen years ago when creator Joe Madureira decided to put the series to bed. Now it’s time to explore the fresh looking comic book and game with the same title.
Over the past decade or so Madureira worked on his career in the gaming industry, which was one of the biggest reasons to leave Battle Chasers, and became co-founder of Vigil studios focusing towards the Darksiders series.
This now puts Madureira and his Vigil game development studios partner Ryan Stefanelli in a position to work on a new Battle Chasers game and comic release. The game will be the first title for the newly created company Airship Syndicate.
There are no details about the Battle Chasers game, but one thing is certain. It will be a role playing game where players will choose from couple of different characters like Garrison, Caliberetto and Gully.
The features of the game on the other hand will be similar to the Darksiders series. This is a good thing because Airship studios will now have a classic story combined with years of experience in the specific niche.
The company will surely make a PC version of the game, but is targeting all consoles as well. There are even some plans of a tablet version of Battle Chasers, but they’re not set in stone yet.
The team that will work on the game will feature no more than 15 people in order to achieve originality and make the dungeon exploration as similar as possible to Darksiders.

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