Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Got Its iPhone Patch Today


Developer Beamdog is mainly known for its legendary RPG title BioWare. The game was so popular that they created a mobile port that was available only for iPad users. During September of 2014 they’ve updated the mobile version with a the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition patch that allowed even iPhone users to play the game.

Baldur’s Gate looked minimalistic on iPhone, but it was still cool to have it in your pocket. The thing is that Beamdog released another port for the game called Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition and it was also available exclusively for iPad till today. The sequel got its iPhone patch earlier today and it looks even better than its predecessor.

The patch was not released because of the iPhone support only. It also features over 500 bug fixes, improved path finding features, making the font size adjustable across different screen sizes, better multiplayer mode, some cool and expected gameplay improvements, and two more languages (German and Spanish) in the customer support department.

You may experience some troubles with the game after updating the patch on your iPhone. If this happens, just select one of the game modes and go to the “Purchase Section”. Click on the “Restore Purchase” button and you’ll be able to access the DLC shop with no problem.

Both Baldur’s Gate ports are now out on the open app market alongside with Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. We’re guessing that now is the right time for Beamdog to release a new Baldur’s Gate title. There are some indications that this will happen this fall, but there are still no official announcements by the developer.


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