2016 – Disappointing Year for the fans of Horror Titles


It seems 2016 will be a disappointing year for players who are in love with horror titles. Few months ago Konami’s Silent Hill project was canceled, but the fans remained enthusiastic about other promising horror titles. Now the fan’s enthusiasm is fading away, because one of the most promising horror titles for 2016, Allison Road, met the same fate as Silent Hill.

Today Lilith Ltd. announced on Twitter that Allison Road is cancelled. Soon, official statement, containing the details about the game cancellation will be released.

From the start, Lilith Ltd. had problems raising funds for development of Allison Road. They even began a Kickstarter campaign trying to raise funds. Even with the big popularity among the fans, Allison Road‘s Kickstarter campaign wasn’t gathering enough funds and attention raise enough money to fulfill its final funding goal. The fate of Allison Road was decided when Team17, the studio who created the Worms franchise, offered to take over the publishing duties for Allison Road.

The involvement of Team17 in Allison Road was the last information we’ve received about the game. During the campaign to raise money, Lilith Team was giving regular updates and shared their visions about the game. They even revealed games featured. Revealing screenshots from the forest environment for Alison Road, Lilith team raised the fans expectations; the game was on its way.

The updates, the visions everything ended with the announcement from Team17. The tweet that brought the big disappointment was “Hi all. Sadly Alison Road had to be cancelled”.

With the cancellation of Allison Road it’s uncertain what will happen with Lilith studio. The studio went “all in” with this project, and its failure to finish it is harming the future of the studio.

What caused the cancellation? Perhaps the game passed its budget, or they had development problems. With official statement, we will find out the reason why this project was terminated.

With the cancellation of the two most anticipated horror games, Silent Hill and Allison road, 2016 is going to be a disappointing year for the fans.

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